I can't print, can I cancel the Order?

If you are having trouble, you can cancel an Order while its status is:

  • Inserted – it's the status the order looks like immediately after accepting the Request.
  • Printing – it's just a way for you to communicate to the consumer you started printing the Order.

To cancel an Order:

  1. Sign in to your DDD account.
  2. Go to Projects > Orders.
  3. Find the Order you need to cancel and click Cancel.
  4. Write down a note explaining the reason why you are canceling the Order (we will send it through an email to inform the consumer).

The Order will be canceled and then aborted immediately and the Consumer will be able to choose another Maker to print the object.

Note: the Consumer will not be able to send you any feedback and this action will not have any impact on your account.

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